Freshmen day 2021

Welcome new students of 2021

We are so happy to see, that this many wonderful new follow students will attend Aarhus University in Herning – institute of business and technology.

Each year SAA – your student activity Association host various freshmen activities. No doubt, the COVID19 situation might still set its limits, but if Noone tells us otherwise, we plan to host just for you:

  • Freshmen Day (Friday 27th August 2021). The freshmen day is a social and fun day with various events. Traditionally SOME FRESHMEN tend to be very drunk, though consuming alcohol is not required to participate and have lots of laughs.
  • Freshmen trip /RUS tur (17-19 September 2021). More information to come…

Some of us will come to each freshmen class during the intro week to tell you much more and information will – when available – be posted at FRESHMEN activities.

Until then, take a look at a few photos from last years freshmen day (COVID-style) below.

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