Welcome to The Corner of Birk

It is a long lasting culture to attend Friday Bar at universities in Denmark. At AU Herning we go to Friday Bar at the student bar. With a location in the corner of the campus canteen, inside a building located in the corner of Birk campus, it makes sense that we are The Corner of Birk.

The Corner is the natural gathering point for various activities, and the bar is by default open Thursdays and Fridays in weeks of planned teaching and in the immediate surrounding weeks. Furthermore, we are part of the annual Birk Bar Crawl including VIA (TEKO) Friday Bar and the Student House.


Beer (bottle)DKK 15,-
Soda (glass 25 cl)DKK 15,-
RTD (Breezer, Smirnoff Ice, Shaker, Cider)DKK 22,-
Drink, 2 cl alcoholDKK 20,-
Drink, 4 cl alcoholDKK 25,-
Shot, x clDKK 10-15,-
Large Energy drink (50 cl)DKK 25,-
Small energy drink (25 cl)DKK 15,-
Water (bottle)DKK 10,-
CoffeeDKK 10,-
Prices are total including sales taxes. If your payment method generate payment fees, these are automatically added to your transaction.

Opening hours

Thursday14-17 (+)
Friday12-18 (+)
Closing hours may vary on other activities and the activity level in the bar