CA is the most active and chosen association of unemployment amongst the students within the business area at BTECH.

SAA has a proud partnership with CA through saveral years. Part of this partnership is up to 5 free COURSES for up till 100 students. The courses have previously been in relation to Excel. Furthermore the partnership includes sponsoring of SAA activities within a negotiated frame.

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SAA is born out of AU’s department BTECH in Herning, and the main focus is on AU Herning students. As the only AU Herning activity association with events for all students regardless of chosen education, SAA receive frequent funding from the department. The funding is however generally in exchange of planned general activities and occasionally of activities with specific purposes. A typical specific purpose activity could be the annual Freshmen Trip and the Freshmen Day.

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To the BDE, GMM, Electro engineers and other engineer students, Ingeniørforeningen IDA is by far the largest association for unemployment, insurance and other specific benefits. SAA and IDA does not have a formal cooperation, but strive to keep each other updated for shared benefits and to keep a focus on how shared activities can become reality in the future.

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The BDE forening is established and run by BDE students. The FridayBar has a natural cooperation with them, though there is no formal cooperation between SAA and BDE foreningen.

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The GMM Association is established and run by GMM students. The FridayBar has a natural cooperation with them, though there is no formal cooperation between SAA and GMM Association.

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The Student House is located between Aarhus University and the residential area in Birk. Large parties are generally held at the Student House, and most often hosted by the Student House. There is however tradition for 2 annual well-visited semesterparties in the Students House hosted by SAA and the FridayBar.

The Student House is generally available for all students at Birk Campus and all residents in the Birk area.

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Herning Kommune – the city of Herning – is an important player in cooperation outside campus. As owner of most local schools and to some extent sports facilities, the city staff have access to various ressources that are otherwise out of our reach. Herning City is very open to alternative solutions and new thinking.

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In the Herning Libraries we find a very resourceful cooperation with high ambitions and a fine tuned focus on solutions. Their access to facilities, funding, manpower and ideas large and different events become possible. In addition the central library in the centre of Herning include great facilities for students’ group work, and dedicated employees who are ready to assist in searches, finding the best books and whatever the you made need at a library.

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Supporting the local sports clubs

From time to time, the club has unused capacity at the stadium or arena, where tickets are given free of charge or with heavy discount for students at Aarhus University in Herning.

Such offer will be announced on this website and/or Facebook.

Do you have particular interests in local clubs besides those shown to the left, make sure to tell the board, who will then consider to contact them and negotiate a solution.