§1: Name of the association is “Student Activity Association AU-Herning”, from here named SAA.

– 2: SAA is located at Aarhus Universitet, Institute for business development and technology, Herning, Birk Centerpark 15, 7400 Herning, from here named AUHE.

§2: Purpose of the association is:

  • To represent all students at AUHE, and the educational organizations, whom may be interested.
  • The students are represented in matters such as education, study related and social matters.
  • To create and develop students’ possibilities for social relations during and after the education.
  • SAA has no religious or political interests except for the in paragraph 2 mentioned.

2: SAA will have responsibility for running the FridayBar at AUHE, with the purpose of:

  • Running the FridayBar for students and staff at AUHE.
  • To keep the FridayBar open if anywhere possible, when external activities are held at AUHE.
  • To run the FridayBar without deficits and with “student friendly prices”.

– 3: It is not the purpose of SAA to generate profit or gather capital, except for specific planned purposes. Profit from running SAA, including the FridayBar is used for:

  • To support and hold parties and other social activities at and outside AUHE, where it is estimated to develop social relations.
  • To support and hold study-supporting activities at and outside AUHE, where it is estimated to contribute to students’ education.
  • To support and hold professional activities at and outside AUHE, where it is estimated to be of relevance for the students.
  • To finance maintenance, acquisitions, investments and renovations related to the FridayBar.

– 4: SAA will participate in receiving of students, from here on named “Freshmen”.

– 5: It is the responsibility of SAA to participate in planning and completion of Freshmen Day and the Freshmen Trip. Those can both be in corporation with and delegated to another party.

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