SAA – Student Activity Association at Aarhus University, Herning

In SAA you will find

social activities // academic activities // campus environment
FridayBars in “the Corner of Birk” // Freshmen activities

Graduation students tossing hats in the air in celebrations
Graduation ceremony – Dimmision 2022 for HA & Bsc(B) students
Semester party – the greatest party of the semester @ Student House
Movie nights can be a hit
Introduction activities and Freshmen Day for bachelor Freshmen
Chess club for noobs and advanced players
Bartender @ FridayBar
Bartender @ Corner
Marketing and representation of SAA
Handcrafting in cooperation with VIA. Hygge while knitting, doing leather-work or anything related
Teambuilding, games and fun in the intro-week and at Freshmen Day
Excel course for business students in corporation with CA
Fussball tournaments are always crowd pleasers


Welcome new students of 2021

We are so happy to see, that this many wonderful new follow students will attend Aarhus University in Herning – institute of business and technology. Each year SAA – your student activity Association host various freshmen activities. No doubt, the COVID19 situation might still set its limits, but if Noone tells us otherwise, we plan…

Become Bartender!

The Corner has a “Become Bartender Tap“, where you can apply for the job of being a bartender when we host Thursdays Café and Friday Bars.Check it out and leave a application if you find it interesting! You are also very welcome to visit the bar and ask for a bar manager. Boost your UNI…

Website launch day

It took a while, but finally we are ready. WELCOME TO – The official SAA website! In the future all SAA events will be available at this site, just as new functions regularly will kick off new and different ways boost your UNI EXPERIENCE Stay tuned for all the exiting functions and crazy ideas coming…